Services Offered

Design and/or filling in of certificates, diplomas, awards, degrees


Traditional & modern gilded and illuminated pieces of various genres


Direct inscriptions into books or as bookplates, plain or ornate


For events, invitations, envelopes, place cards, seating plans, menu’s, wine labels, table numbers


Bespoke setting out of wedding vows to match framed photo display of nuptials in the happy couple’s home


Themed & custom hand lettered, hand bound books


Family trees with/without family coats of arms (NOTE: No research can be done by the Studio)


Logo design featuring hand lettering techniques


Vinyl transfer designs for use on upcycling furniture or decor, or transfer quotes onto wall space, or for use on decorative jars, tins and boxes


The Studio is launching its series entitled ‘Little Gems’ - This includes a range of traditional and modern initial letters in ornate frames; one line quotes set out as wall art onto blocked canvas or paper employing various paper craft techniques. All these featured art pieces are limited in size, no pieces larger than A4 maximum (perfect for smaller spaces)


Bespoke art pieces required or commissioned by either private clients or interior design specialists, for specific room vignettes


Custom designs for printing onto fabric for soft furnishings and lamp shades


Pastel or black and white sketches of dogs and cats (head and shoulders), based on owner-provided photo’s of pets